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I was born in Nelson but have lived most of my life in that great town Bonnie Colne on the Hill.

I am father to three children, two of which live and work in Cornwall, and three grand children, which clocks up the miles. I am now retired but in my working life travelled extensively for and was a senior manufacturing manager with Rolls Royce. 

A lifelong Claret I can still remember the highs and lows of BFC including Leyton Orient.

Unlike David our Secretary and Vice Chair. I do not have a dog named after Bertie Bee, but I do know Bertie’s true identity. This of course will remain a closely guarded secret.

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David was born in Nelson and is married with 2 children. He is a Chartered Librarian and currently works for The Equality and Human Rights Commission.

David is Chair of Burnley Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel and a lay magistrate.

A lifelong Claret David’s interests include politics, theatre, music and long walks with his dog Bertie (yes named after the club mascot!).

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My Family live in Burnley and have been Burnley Football Club supporters all of their lives so it was only natural that I became a lifelong Claret.

I am fourth generation to “stand on the terraces” of Turf Moor.

I was a Board Member of the Board of Management at a Housing Association where I was also on the Audit Committee & Diversity Committee and served as Diversity Champion.

I previously served as a Governor at a local Primary School.

As well as a Board Member, Treasurer & Webmaster of the BFCDSA, I am also a Board Member, Treasurer and Webmaster of the Clarets Trust.

I am currently a Trustee and Treasurer of a local registered Charity.

Outside of this my interests include travelling, photography, cooking and computing.

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I have had a forty five year career in financial services administration.

I’m a mother of one son, and grandmother to two grandsons, and football has always been part of family life.

I’m proud to be part of BDSA and a supporter of Burnley Football Club.

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