BDSA SE Disabled Stand Closure Statement

As you will all be aware the Club closed our accessible South East Stand with only a few days notice before the start of this season, displacing twenty seven Fans with disabilities along with their Assistants. Your BDSA have found this to be unacceptable, and as such we met urgently with both the Club and the Premier League in an attempt to seek a resolution where those Supporters with disabilities can be returned to their Stand as soon as possible.

The Clubs explanation: Faced with a late change to the Premier League Handbook guidelines relating to social distancing, and the return of fans to Turf Moor, the existing temporary arrangements for away team changing were considered to close to the Cricket Field Stand turnstiles. Plus the normal changing facilities were inadequately ventilated.

There were other options, some explored some we believe not.

As autumn and winter loom, and the bad weather kicks in, we want our Clarets Fans with disabilities back where they rightly should be. We are working very hard on this and enlisting support from wherever we can get it.

Please make your feelings known to the Club or contact the BDSA for updates.

We’ll keep you posted with any progress on the situation as we have it. The Premier League had promised any revised guidelines would have no impact whatsoever on Supporters with Disabilities, and they are fully aware of the situation that has arisen at Turf Moor.

There will be a review of the Premier League Guidelines at the end of September.